Amazon Echo vs Google Home: Which is Better?

Imagine a home where everything works on your voice commands, where you can play any song by sitting on the chair, where you can set an alarm directly from the bed, where you can get any information just by giving several commands. Sounds like fantasy, right? but not anymore. Things are completely revolutionized after the launch of Amazon Echo – a smart speaker that works on your voice commands, plays music and controls your smart home. People were amazed with the gadget and within a few weeks Amazon Echo became one of best selling gadgets in the market.

Yet, people are baffled since the release of Google Home. We can say, Google Home is an alternative to Amazon Echo with different design. Though, some functionalities are different. So, in order to identify which is the best for your smart home we will do here head to head comparison of both the devices and finally we will deliver our statement of which is the best!

Amazon Echo vs Google Home


entertainment - google home vs amazon echo

The Amazon Echo and the Google Home both of the speakers are always active to listen our voice with the help of built-in microphones. Both the devices has particular wake-up command, the command for Amazon Echo is “Alexa”, while, the command for Google Home is “OK Google”. Both of them are super active and does a good of listening even in large rooms though,it fails to recognize our commands when there is background noise. With both the devices, you can play games, listen to a joke or a story. You can also get movie reviews by giving a command like “Tell me the reviews for Assasin’s Creed”. Then too, Amazon Echo has been in the game for a long time and hence it shows more awareness compared to Google Home.

Virtual Assistant

personal assistant - google home vs amazon echo

After messing up with the Google Home, we noticed that it’s in learning mode. Though, there are some remarkable features. Home is integrated with Google Calendar, Google Home and Google Maps. Google Home is so smart that it tracks your time of leaving home from your Pixel phone every morning and then everyday, it speaks the traffic details on your way to work. We think Google Home beats Alexa in this category. You can also give a command to make list of something then too, it lacks ability to set reminders. While on the Amazon Echo, you can set reminders and make to-do lists. It also works with more than 2,500 third-party essential apps.

Smart Home

smart home - alexa vs home

Apart from above skills, Amazon Echo and Google Home also has integration with some smart gadgets that you can control via commands. Gadgets like Philips Hue to control lighting, Schlage to lock doors, IFTTT to simplify your life. You can also tune Google Home with your Chromecast for audio streaming.

For multi-room use, Google claims that the Home also works with multiple speakers. If you have more than one Google Home in different rooms then, by giving a command, the closest Home will respond. Meanwhile, Amazon Echo is facing trouble with this.

Price and Availability

price - google home and amazon alexa

The Google Home is priced at $129, meanwhile the Amazon Echo is quite expensive, priced at $180. Both the devices are available at online stores OR you can also make Google Home yours at Google’s Pop-up store NYC.

Final Verdict

 which is better - google home vs amazon alexa

As of now, the Amazon Echo is more advanced and aware about personal assistant and has integration with lots of third-party applications, and beats Amazon Echo. However, war is not over, in future, we hope that the Google Home will become more aware with the updates by Google.

Hype floating around that the Apple is also busy with making similar device.

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