How to Pick the Best Tablet For Seniors?

You would be laughing about, why would an old aged person need a tablet? In truth, we start to ignore their necessities as they grow older. It’s not like that, many seniors have interest in technology like we have, but they are often considered as technophobes. Seniors always want something to hangout with their groups and family remotely, from which they can stay entertained to live a happy life.

Well, we think that the tablets would be the best to fit these requirements, but specifications required by seniors are bit different than normal users. So, here in this post we will guide you through how to buy the best tablet for seniors and finally we will recommend some of the best tablets that are available to buy in the market for seniors.

Why Tablets? Why Not Smartphone or Laptop?

tablet for seniors - buying guide

With the increasing demand of smartphones, the consumers are suffering from huge price-tag, and spending $700 on a smartphone that comes with a high-end processor would be total waste of money for seniors, and buying a cheap smartphone that comes with a small screen and a laggish processor then it would be a bad deal. And, when it comes to buying a laptop for seniors, it becomes heavy to carry everywhere in a backpack for seniors, and nowadays laptops often come with windows operating system that’s kinda complicated for seniors. If we talk about tablets, usually they are available at budget price offering decent specs with bigger screen, hence tablets are considered as ideal for seniors.

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What are those Essential Features to be Needed in a Tablet for Seniors?

You might be thinking that, apart from processor, RAM and camera, what do seniors need in their tablet? Well, here are the specification that are essential in a tablet for seniors.

Bluetooth – is essential to connect hearing device with the tablet, since many elderly people has hearing problems.

Front Camera – is necessary in a tablet for seniors, since they love to do video calling with their family.

SOS Feature – help seniors to reach some selected contacts in case of emergency. For instance, a senior just met an accident, then by pressing SOS button on the device will send an emergency message to selected contacts from the device so that they can reach to them immediately.

Bigger and Brighter Display – should be there in a tablet for seniors, since many elderly people has visibility problems. The tablet for seniors should also have night mode which reduces white light and causes less eye-strain.

From the tablet market, we have curated a list of best tablets for seniors that are tuned up with above mentioned features. So, what are best tablets for elderly people available to buy in the market?

The Best Tablets For Seniors – Recommended by Robots

1) Fire HD 10 Tablet –

fire hd 10 - best tablets for seniors

The Fire HD 10 tablet is one of the best tablets made by Amazon, offering tons of useful features. The tablet is available in three colors silver, black  and white. The back is built with metal which gives rich feel while holding it in hand. The performance of this tablet is ideal for seniors, the tuning of MediaTek 1.5 GHz Quad-Core processor with 1GB RAM makes this tablet the best for everyday use. The internal storage of 16 GB is provided with micro SD card slot, that internal storage is ideal for elderly people.

night mode on fire hd 10 tablet - tablet for seniors

The Fire HD 10 comes with a very useful feature for seniors called as night mode, it reduces blue light from the screen that causes eye strain, by this feature seniors can use tablet without getting harmed to their eyes. The Fire HD 10 also offers free 1 month of Prime services to its users. It gives access to over 400,000 apps, music, movies and TV shows for free. In our test, the Fire HD 10 offered 5 hours of screen of time on a single charge, that’s remarkable for a tablet that comes under $300.

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2) Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 Tablet –

samsung galaxy tab a - best tablets for seniors

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 is one of the best android tablets and has got many improvements over its predecessor. Under the hood, the tablet is powered by 1.2 GHz Quad-Core processor which is ideal for normal tasks such as web-browsing, YouTube and light gaming. Not only that, the tablet is also packed with 1.5 GB of RAM for efficient working. The 5-MP rear shooter is capable of taking some beautiful shots, the shooter is also capable of recording video at 1080p. The display on A8 is bright and is clearly visible even in outdoor conditions. The battery life on A8 is impressive, it delivered upto  7 hours of on screen time. All in all, the Samsung Galaxy A8 is a good tablet for seniors to look for.

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3) Apple iPad Air 2 – 16 GB

ipad air 2 - best tablets for seniors

iPads are well knows as the name of ‘most user-friendly tablets’, that’s what seniors always want! Starting with specs, the iPad Air 2 is powered by Apple A8X chipset which is incredibly powerful, the internal storage is 16 GB, they are also available with 64GB & 128 GB, however the 16 GB variant is ideal for seniors. The retina display of 2048 x 1536 resolution is coated with anti-reflective layer which gives maximum visibility in outdoor conditions. The tablet weighs too low making it easy to use while holding on one hand. We recommend you to buy a case for it as it’s very thin. In our battery test, iPad Air 2 offered us 8 hours of screen on time, that’s remarkable! On a simple note, the iPad Air 2 is one of the best tablets for all type of works.

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All the aforementioned tablets are featured here because of their good features offered at budget price, since seniors are always are tight on budget. They always want something  good at low price.

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If you have any queries or need recommendations on buying a tablet, then shoot us an E-mail at our Contact Us page. Our team will find the best tablet match for your requirements and budget.

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