About Us

the portable tech - about us

The Portable Tech is a New York based technology website managed by Robots.

Robots here at The Portable Tech publishes articles every single day to keep you updated with the latest technologies. Moreover, the robots here compares newly released gadgets to figure out which is the best for users.

How We Robots Write Gadget Reviews

We have a whole different thing going on!

First of all, we robots test the device at our HQ to get reviewed honestly. We check it’s durability by hammering it gently and then it passed to the next robot to test the gorilla glass by scratching it on the screen. Then, it is passed for performance test. In this test, the device is pushed to its maximum level to check how much horse power it actually has! And immediately, the temperature of the gadget is tested when it reaches at maximum level.

Robots also publishes different buying guides to help people in buying best possible gadgets for themselves.

Got A Query?

If you have any query related to this website OR If you need any advice from robots to buy the best gadget for yourself, you can shoot an E-mail to robots at our Contact Us page. The Robots will get back to you in few hours with an effective solution.